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Wilomina Bloom Sexy Stories

Store Policy

Hi, I'm Wilomina Bloom and I write and sell my writings online through this website. I'm a fully paid up member of the UK's Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) which means I abide by all the laws on data protection, and I pay a fee to be a member of the ICO. This means that all your data is safe with me. I never share it, use it, sell it - EVER, and I NEVER will. I'm as fussy about my own data as I know you are about yours, and you have my full respect and honour when it comes to handling your private information. 

I care about the products you are buying from me. Rest assured that I own all the copyright for all my novels and content and NOTHING - not one word - has bee produced using AI or any artificial source. I am a writer with decades of experience with the written word. I have been published traditionally and have sold my novels widely. This means that I CARE about my stories, and I CARE about your CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. 

Every story you buy from me - whether you choose an E-BOOK or one of my ARTISAN PAPERBACKS - has been checked, double-checked and triple-checked for quality. I NEVER sell rubbish, as I am an aesthete and love quality. This means that I pass quality on to you, my lovely customers. 

Privacy & Safety

Your experience with me is SO IMPORTANT. I want you to enjoy my website; find it easy to buy from me; love your purchase and consider me a friend. If you EVER have any problems, I will go out of my way to sort things for me. You can trust that this is a GENUINE website, that your purchase from me will mean that your product WILL BE DISPATCHED immediately - either the same day or the next day. CHECK OUT MY REVIEWS on my LOVE MINA XX site on ETSY and see how much I love my customers. 

A Little Reminder

Please remember that my stories are written in the EROTIC genre. While this genre has many levels of 'sauce', my stories will contain scenes of sexual activity which could OFFEND. If you are OFFENDED by EROTICA - either in writing or in photography, PLEASE DO NOT BUY MY BOOKS. 

Customer Care

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