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A feel-good, real-life drama that takes place in Melbourne, Australia in the 1990s


What readers are saying.....


Emmeline Ripley runs Melbourne's top jazz nightclub - RIPLEY'S - for her father, the veteran jazz trumpeter, Bill Ripley. Bill's off on a world tour and he's decided to bring over Zac Johnson from New York to run the club while he's away, to give his daughter a break.


Emmy and Zac have a long history and it's not a good one. Emmy wants her Melbourne life to remain intact and RIPLEY'S to remain under her control. The presence of New Yorker Zac is going to ruin everything.


Zac's got just one thing on his mind on his flight from New York to Melbourne, put Emmeline Ripley well and truly in her place and make RIPLEY'S an international success story.


Emmy knows Zac of old. They grew up together and Zac Johnson's ego blocks out the sun. Her father raised her to be a strong, go-getting businesswoman. She's not letting the serial womaniser and drop-dead gorgeous Zac have what he wants. Never, ever. Her best friend Gaby warned her about Zac. Emmy knows how to play the Zac card and she'll win. Nothing will stop her.


"A gorgeous, feel-good romance that harks back to the days when things were simpler. Lovely.

Loved this story. Reminded me of romantic adventures when I was young.

Loads of action, sexy characters and adventure. A lovely read."

The Ripley Affair

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