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What readers are saying

"A faced-paced and sizzling love story that kept me hooked until the end.

Loved this novella. Am a huge Mina Millar fan. Sexiness steams off the pages with all of her stories."



Trinity Belle, a seasoned nightclub entertainer, knows a thing or two about men, but all bets are off when she meets hot financier Thomas Malone, a London city banker. Thomas is determined to find a missing person who used to work at Trinity's club.  He's got one thing on his mind; find the missing Susannah or else.


Convinced that Trinity Belle's job and her knowledge of the club's sleazy underworld client base will lead him to Susannah, Thomas decides that Trinity is his woman, but not before he becomes entwined in a bitter love game with her that he can't control.


Trinity's running from her past and Thomas is trying to come to terms with his, as the two of them come together in an electric, soul-searching drama that threatens to turn their lives upside down.

Trinity never thought she'd fall in love with this handsome stranger, her job demands that she never falls for her clients, but with Thomas, the sensual and emotional side of her, long buried, is about to be brought to the fore. Can she handle it? Can she handle Thomas Malone?


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