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Love France? You'll be captivated by this sexy romance set in Normandy and Paris. 

A dangerous attraction!


Kate Hathaway's dream job as Summer School Art Teacher at the prestigious Normandy castle, the Chateau Yves, is under threat when she falls into bed with old-flame, the drop-dead gorgeous multi-millionaire and Chateau Yves heir, Luc Anton.


Unable to resist him, Kate's world is shattered when Luc drops a bombshell; his ex-fiancee Claudia is pregnant and he's the father! Now Luc's domineering, status-driven mother, Aurelia, wants him to marry Claudia to dumb down any scandal and save the Anton family name.  Kate is Luc's secret weapon. Persuade Kate to marry him and he'll escape a miserable life with his cheating, pregnant ex but at what cost? Kate is so desperate to keep her job and her reputation, she agrees to Luc's steamy demands. Until his real intentions become clear. Is Luc Anton the man he says he is? Or will his dark secret destroy Kate once again.  Kate's got her own dark secret that she's not about to share with anyone. Should she put her love of Luc in the rubbish bin of history or fight for him, no matter what?


What readers are saying. 

"A feel-good steamy romance that sings with the love of all things French."

"Two lovers, endless obstacles to overcome and a glorious location setting. What's not to adore?"

French Kiss - Retro Romance set in France

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