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Love Your Sexual Fantasies; They Are Yours To Own & Enjoy


Fantasising during sex is not only important, it's healthy. So love your sexual fantasies, whatever they are. Sexual fantasies should be embraced, so if you have your own wild sexual fantasies, love them, own them, develop them and never, ever be ashamed of them!

You are not cheating!!

It’s not cheating to think about other lovers – past or future-desired – while you are with your partner. What goes on in your own mind, is your affair and yours alone. So love your sexual fantasies, and know that your secrets are safe with you. 

If you fantasise about sexual fun with a stranger, go the whole hog in your mind and paint a picture for yourself of the scene, what your imaginary lover looks like, their body, their genitalia, their touch, their scent, their voice, while you’re in the throes of sexing your partner.

Embrace your sex dreams

If your fantasy makes you come harder and faster, there is no shame in that. Chances are you partner will be having his or her own fantasies that you can never be a part of. And that’s not strange, it doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed to fail, it’s just the icing on the cake of a beautiful relationship because your current lover is making you feel relaxed enough to go off, in your own mind, on your imaginary sexual road trip.

Share your sexual fantasies

But…..sexual fantasies can be shared and therein lies the fun. If you and your lover exchange fantasies and feel no jealousy or fear of rejection over these intimate ‘in-your-head’ stories, then involve them. Remember to love your sexual fantasies and do everything you can to support fantasy in your love life. It will make you closer. Suggest you dress up together, or role-play together. You might want to invest in some sex toys or role-play costumes or both, to bring your fantasies out to the fore in your relationship.

Sexual fantasies are healthy, so love them

Sex toys and dressing up can really liven up a relationship. Whether your fantasy is being tied up or tied down, playing at bondage or domination, these role-playing scenarios can be a lot of fun in the bedroom. If your lover’s fantasy is that you dress up as a maid or a Dominatrix, start developing your own sexual fantasy kit that you keep ‘locked up’ for fun times in the bedroom and insist he or she does the same. Together you’ll rock!!

Buying sex toys need not be overwhelming. There are products for everyone, every fantasy, every preference, and every budget out there. And remember that sometimes imagination is the best lover and that you must love your sexual fantasies and never be ashamed of them. 

I love these products to get me going; ElectraStim Silicone Fusion Komodo Dildo; Fifty Shades of Grey Totally His Soft Handcuffs, 10-Speed Vibrating G-Spot Egg Purple.

Fantasy Is About The Story

Another way to fantasise is to read EROTICA. A quick-fire erotic story will get you going in around five-minutes flat, and this is what I have right to hand. Some quick-erotica for you. My little 'sex' stories are written to give you pleasure, wherever you are. You might be on the bus, waiting for some friend to turn up, or you're cosy in your bed, ready to get going with your fantasy; one of my little fantasy stories will do the trick. Promise.

I recommend The Nightwatchman, a super-sexy story that's about a four-minute read.

Click above to buy The Nightwatchman, and dare to dream.

Subscribe to my list, and I'll give you 50 per cent off your first purchase with me. So you can get The Nightwatchman for half-price. How's that.  

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