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Frequently asked


  • Q. My E-Book didn't arrive after purchase. Please help.
    Your E-Book purchase will be delivered to you automatically upon purchase, but it you didn't receive it, please check your SPAM folder. If you have given me the email address connected to your E-Reader, please check your E-Reader as your purchase will almost certainly have downloaded onto your E-Reader in the background. If all else fails, contact me at and I'll make sure it's resent to you immediately.
  • Q. My book/arrived damaged. What can I do?
    A. I am meticulous with packaging and always pack my books with worst-case scenarios in mind; floods, tornados, tsunamis, heatwaves, postage handlers with claws for hands!!! I use sustainable packaging that is waterproof and everything-proof. However, if your book arrives and it’s not in the condition you expect, email me photos to and I'll sort things out for you.
  • Q. Can I write for you?
    A. I write all my E-Books under the pen name - MINA MILLAR - myself. I've been a writer of fiction for many years and have received an award and a traditional publishing contract plus advance for one of my novels, written under a different pen name, which was published by an American traditional publisher, ten years ago. But for my ARTISAN press - and the imprint I am always looking for writers to publish but only WOMEN writers at this stage. I am always looking for top-notch women writers of erotica for the imprint. HOWEVER, please know that we are a WOMEN’S EROTIC PRESS and we only accept submissions from WOMEN. Our statement of fact is always printed on the inside covers of our books. Consider buying one of our and familiarising yourself with our policy on submissions which is detailed within the frontispiece of each book.
  • Q. The content of the book I bought is too racy. Can I return it for a refund?
    A. Sorry, but by buying books from us, you are stating that you understand that you are buying EROTIC books from an EROTIC book publisher, which may contain material that might offend.
  • Q. Do you pay your women writers for submissions?
    A. Of course we do. If your erotic story is chosen for one of our sub-imprints,I will pay you on the date of publication. Rates will be discussed if and when you are accepted. Use the contact form to submit your idea to me and include any experience you have in writing to this genre.
  • Q. My book didn’t arrive. What can I do?
    A. I send out book orders with tracking numbers and always get proof of postage for my records. If you haven’t received your book within a reasonable amount of time, contact us at and I'll get you sorted. We can track the purchase using our contacts at Royal Mail and we will be able to find your book for you.
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