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I am Wilomina

Wilomina Bloom reading a book in her underwear

You'll love my stories.

Whether you're a fan of quick-read eBooks that you can download and devour in a flash, or you want something stylishly beautiful to hold in your hands, I've got it all here.


My site is the location of ALL THINGS sexy, romantic, empowering and WILD, when it comes to quick reads. Remember I'm about empowerment, CONSENT and WOMEN loving men. My stories are all about MEN and WOMEN having adventures and living the lives of their dreams. I write fantastic stories for hetero audiences, and as a straight woman my fantasy is a gorgeous man to love. He might be a BAD BOY but if he's got the 'look' I'll fall in love with him. 


My stories are about WOMEN taking charge of their romantic & private lives, with the man they desire. I love adding in Mystery, Suspense and a bit of DANGER into my stories.

I'm a writer with loads and loads of experience. I've been traditionally published under another name, and my novels have sold thousands upon thousands of copies with 5-star reviews.

When you buy my stories, you're guaranteed a cracking good story, that's sassy, beautifully told, makes you feel good, and that will stay with you. 


Go on - try me out.


Dare To Imagine

Choose one of my E-Books - easy to buy and download to your E-Reader and/or my Love Mina xx artisan-designed paperbacks, which will be delivered to your door for you to unwrap like it's Christmas. I've linked my ETSY page above so you can check out the reviews. 

You can buy my MINA MILLAR sexy romances on any ebook selling online platform, but I'd much prefer for you to buy them from me here; that way I can get to know you better - and I really want to know you. My fans are my world, and I love talking to my readers - it really does make writing stories all the more satisfying. 

My relationship with my readers is so IMPORTANT to me. I'd like to think we can become friends in the online world and by buying direct from me via my website, we can forge those friendships. 

CLICK ON MY SHOP PAGE in the menu to take a look at all my stories for purchase.

My E-Books are inspired by the world around me, characters I know, plot-lines I imagine in my head while I am out and about shopping or running errands. 

My Love Mina xx paperbacks are inspired by the greatest EROTICA writers from European history, such as HENRY MILLER, ANAIS NIN, D.H LAWRENCE and Colette, among hundreds of others.

Get offline and into a pocket-sized book of erotica, a place for private fantasy, intimate arousal and secret meetings. 

Gift yourself or your lover the ultimate turn-on experience. 

Love Wilomina xx

No bottles of GIN have been harmed in the making of these books - (well, not really).

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