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Hi, I'm Wilomina, and I write Sexy Romantic/Mystery novels & novellas, under my pen name - MINA MILLAR - currently available as E-Books; easy to buy, download, and savour as escapism during these trying times.

Buy now to escape into another world, full of handsome heroes, beautiful and fiery women, luxury lifestyles, mystery, drama with lashings of love and passion too.  

Woman wearing fishnet stockings with legs crossed - Rescue Me by Mina Millar book cover
A man in a tuxedo with a woman in a red dress. The book cover for the novella POSSESSION by Mina Millar
A man in a leather jacket with a woman - the book over for the novella MAN FOR HIRE by Mina Millar
A handsome Arab man looking back over his shoulder. A book cover for the novella Seduced By The Sheikh by Mina Millar


I also publish & sell beautiful physical paperback books of SENSUAL short stories, that you can buy and hold in your hand, sexy stories that have been written by woman writers from around the world.Each paperback is part of the imprint - registered with the British Library - numbered and dated as part of a limited edition - and so collectable.


Buy now on my SHOP PAGE to secure one of these beautiful and rare books of SENSUAL stories. 

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HARRY, Bristol, UK

My partner reads Mina Millar's novels to me and they're very sexy. It's good for our relationship, and she loves them. 


I'm a big fan of Mina Millar's sexy romances. I've read four of hers, and I love the atmosphere she creates and the storylines. She's a great writer and I'm always sad when I finish one of her books - I want more..


Dangerous, sexy and mysterious, “Man For Hire” is a page-turning “must-read”. The Action doesn’t let up, the resolution is fantastic. 


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